Dogs Dreaming – Do Dogs Dream?

Do dogs dream? How do I know my dog is dreaming? Why is Coco always sleeping and reacting? Do dogs dream? Many of us usually wonder if just like humans dog dreams all the absolute truth is not the dream as well. Just like humans, it gets to a particular stage of a dream where you no longer have control over your sleep and you wander off into Wonderland. Funny enough dogs experience this too. In this guide, we have extensively discussed all you need to know about dog dreaming and how you should react when you see your furry Little Friend dreaming.

Do Dogs Dream?

Absolutely, dogs dream. Dreaming is your dog’s attempt at understanding the information being processed in the brain. They relive the day’s activities and play heroes in the Dreamland.

What You Should Know About Dog Dreams?

It will literally be alarming if your furry little friend wakes up and tells you of a dream he or she had that will be absolutely weird. Even though they don’t get to do that, that doesn’t mean that humans do not have a glimpse into what a dog’s dream is about. From research scientists have got some information about dog grooming and their sleeping patterns through clinical observations so here is what you need to know about dog dreams;

  • Dogs’ dreaming begins 20 minutes into slumber.
  • When dogs dream, their breathing becomes shallow and irregular.
  • When dogs dream, their muscles may twitch from time to time as if they are chasing a squirrel.
  • While dreaming, the dog’s eyes move behind their closed lids as if the dog is looking at something. 
  • If most dogs dream, dogs relieve daytime experiences.
  • When dogs dream, their brain functions just as it does when they are awake.

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How Often Do Dogs Dream?

There is no count to how many times dogs dream. However, from scientific observations, young puppies and small-sized dogs have more dreams and a longer duration of dreams than old and large-sized dogs. 

A toy poodle dreams every 10 minutes and each dream lasts 1 minute but a Labrador Retriever dreams once every 60-90 minutes each lasting for 5-10 minutes. 

Do Dogs Have Nightmares When Dreaming?

Although we see some dogs sleep running and we tend to interpret that as a nightmare. Do not be bothered, your furry friend may be chasing a hunt somewhere and it is having another version of fun unknown to you.

Most dog dreams are not nightmares. 

Should I Wake A Dreaming dog?

How would you feel if someone interrupted your beauty sleep? Terrible right? The same applies to dogs. Even if you think your dog is having a bad scary dream, do not wake them up. You may be interrupting their hunt or any activity they are part of in the dreamland.

It could take your dog a while to realize that they are no longer asleep, and you don’t want to risk them lashing out as though still in the dream.

What Do Dogs Dream About?

There is no specificity as to what dreams dogs have but we are sure that from time to time there is a bone treat dream or a hunting spree that happens once in a while in a dog’s dream.

On the other hand, researchers have proposed that dogs dream about dog things such as 

  • Chasing squirrels
  • Running after rabbits
  • Playing fetch with you. 
  • Having a good time with their puppy.
  • Playing savior in the Dreamland war or crisis.

Dogs could dream just about anything fun and heroic.

What Are Dogs Dreaming About When They Twitch?

Dogs may twitch when they are dreaming about any of the following activities;

  • Chasing squirrels
  • Running after rabbits
  • Playing fetch with you. 
  • Having a good time with their puppy.
  • Playing savior in the Dreamland war or crisis. 

When they twitch their whiskers, whimper, and sleep with their paws they are probably doing any of yeh above or any of their favorite sport. 

Do Dogs Know They Are Dreaming?

Well, we do not know for sure if dogs have the human ability to know if they’re dreaming or if they can remember what actions happen in their dream. But from what we as their buddies have noticed and from scientific research we know that dogs dream.


Now when next you see your dogs twitching their muscles and sleep running chances are that they are dreaming and having a good time playing fetch with you.

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