Cat Pregnancy | All You Need to Know About Cat Gestation Period

Clicking on this link suggests that you have a pregnant cat and you’re wondering how long pregnancy lasts for cats. Right?

Cats are one of the most wonderful pets and when they get pregnant they look more beautiful, furry, and charming.

Research estimates that pregnancy for cats lasts between 63 to 67 days which is approximately 9 weeks.

However, this duration is sure if you know the conception date of your feline friend.

While your feline friend is pregnant, optimal care requires that they are safe, stress-free and in a calm environment. This ensures that their life is preserved and helps her litter become healthy adoptable kittens.

So this guide ensures you know how long pregnancy lasts for cats and all you need to care for her from conception to birth.

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How Do I Know My Cat Is Pregnant?

Cat Pregnancy

It’s usually difficult to spot a pregnant cat, especially one that is furry and fat. However, basically, there are many signs that show that your cat is pregnant.

Although not all acts show these signs explicitly, you can be able to spot a pregnant cat using them. However, if you’re still in doubt, the best way to confirm if you’re caring for a pregnant cat is to have her examined by a foster care veterinarian team.

Now here is how you can spot a pregnant cat;

  • Weight gain     
  • Morning sickness
  • Swollen abdomen       
  • Increased appetite       
  • Infrequent vomiting
  • Becomes affectionate
  • White nipple discharge
  • Midnight cat calling stops       
  • Noticeable frequent purring    
  • Intolerance towards other pets
  • Loss of appetite for labor
  • Darker nipples called pinking up        
  • Nesting happens closer to delivery     

What Do I Feed My Kitten When She’s Pregnant?

A pregnant kitten needs to be fed a high-calorie diet that will keep her looking and feeling good until birth.

Usually, dry kitten food is higher in calories than wet food and it provides good quality nutrition that a mother cat needs for her litter during weaning.

From our research Purina Top 3 High-calorie Kitten Foods will be a good place to start.

Ensure you get recommendations of the best cat food to transition a cat to from the veterinary team.

You have to continue to feed the cat the same diet 3 weeks after the delivery.

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How Does A Cat Pregnancy Go?

Each week represents a unique stage in the pregnancy cycle of a car. Week by week the cats experience a new phase of the pregnancy.

3 weeks into gestation the physical cat pregnancy symptoms become visible but behavioral changes start to show as early as two weeks into pregnancy.

Here’s how a cats gestation timeline goes

  • 1st Week: Estrus or heat cycle 
  • 2nd Week: Ultrasound/X-ray.
  • 3rd Week: Pinking up where they show the first visible symptoms of pregnancy called pinking up.
  • 4th Week: Morning sicknesses, swollen abdomen, and weight gain
  • 5th Week: Ultrasound/X-ray check to know how many kittens are in there.
  • 6th Week: Affectionate, frequent purring
  • 7th Week: Rest
  • 8th Week: Nesting
  • 9th Week: Kittens

How Can I Tell How Far My Cat Pregnancy is?

To tell how long your cat’s pregnancy is, it’s ideal you take it for an ultrasound scan. This will also tell you how many kittens your cat is expecting by day 40 of her pregnancy.

Should I Stay With My Cat While She Gives Birth?

As much as you’re trying to help your feline friend, during childbirth they prefer to be left alone. Do not even touch them while they are giving birth. Privacy is all they need

Can I Pick Up My Pregnant Cat?

When your cat is pregnant, don’t lift them, stroking and scoping is the best way to carry them. 

Avoid touching her tummy because at this point it will be very sensitive, discomforting, and can hurt her unborn kittens.

How Many Kittens Does A Cat Give Birth To?

On average, cats give birth to 4 kittens in each litter. However, some can give birth to between 1 and 12 kittens.

Should I Cut My Cat’s Umbilical Cord?

Mother cat upon giving birth can chew off the umbilical cord by herself and chew the placentas. But if she’s too weak to do so, you can help her cut it out with sterilized scissors.

Do Cats Cry During Labor?

Pregnancy is painful and yes your cats will cry and sound distressed while in labor. And that’s normal.

Do Cats Give Birth At Night?

Cats can give birth at any time, day or night.


9 weeks of great care is how long it will take for your cat’s pregnancy to produce little feline buddies.

Do not forget to feed them the right food and avoid touching their stomach if you want them to end this phase well.


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